OH MY!!! I get to spend a week shut up in the car with my 14 year old son who thinks he is so much smarter than his parents and my husband who has no patience with him.


I’m Not a Drama Queen

Blogging is a way for anyone who wants to have his/her say can. It is for anyone who wants to take the time to type out their thoughts and feelings. Divas and Drama Queens, weather they are men or women, always carry the conversation in any setting. I have always felt that I was the sounding board in these conversations. My husband says it is because I do not talk. I however feel that it is because the person talking to me does not really want to know what I have to say. They do not let me have my say and do not value my opinion. I am probably wrong and just a little prejudice, but it does seem to work this way in most of my conversations. When I am with true friends they ask my opinion and wait to listen to what I have to say.

I come from a very large extended family that loves to give advice, opinions and generally just shoot the bull. I feel that this gene skipped me however. I tend to do more listening than talking, but when I do talk I tend to be acerbic or, on a good day, more mildly sarcastic in my comments. I do not think of my self as a mean spirited person, but I do value the truth, and as the say goes “the truth hurts.”

I do not like to be ignored but I do not have to be the center of attention. In fact being the center of attention makes me have panic attacks. I just feel that mainly I want to be recognized and heard. Believe it Divas and Drama Queens the people who are standing around you don’t want to listen to you either they were just to polite to walk away and ignore you.